I am enough

We are coming to the tail end of a horrendous 2 week stint of tonsillitis in the house. It started with the baby then made its way on to Mr 3 & Miss 5.

Baby Stevie went to hospital & needed a nasal gastric tube for rehydration, after much pushing on our end can I just say. We had to fight for our girl to be taken seriously. And to be honest for days we didn’t even know that she had tonsillitis. Doctors were calling it “virus” one even mentioned Gastro? Geez she was way off.

As soon as our little bub started to improve the other two were down. (Insert face palm here)

You go into this parental zombie state & clean up vomit, manage temps & late night crying on auto pilot. Hubby & I have not had a proper conversation in days. It’s been a constant “what time did so & so have their last dose of medicine? Should I head down to the GP or hospital? THROW ME A TOWEL! What’s in the washing machine?”

Crazy! It’s all been a bit of a blur. I have seriously lost track of days.

Forgot all about Stevie’s personalised cake topper for her 1st birthday next week, which I was supposed to pick up & pay for. Sorry Party & Sparkle!

And only let swimming know today that we haven’t left the country just taking time to recover.

My son’s kinder sent me an email “checking in” wondering where the hell he’s been poor kid.

I was alert just enough to manage the school absent form for my daughter. Winning! Not a complete disaster Mum after all.

Speaking of disaster, we did manage to avoid one by the skin of our teeth.

School Photo Day. Miss was home sick so I rang the school to ask what time her class photo was hoping we could pop down just for the photo. I was told 9:20am. I hung up the phone at 9:03am. MAD RUSH to dress Miss, do her hair & get her to school in time for photos. I was a Mama on a mission & thanks to my hubby who drove her to school (while I stayed home with the other 2 patients) she didn’t miss out on her first ever school photo Yay!

We’ve had lots of friends & family reach out & offer support over the last couple of weeks & I tell ya it has been a Godsend. This is when I can say yes! It does take a village to raise a tribe.

My mother-inlaw made a huge pot of soup so we had meals for days it was amazing.

Friends have been checking in on my sanity lol. My sister-inlaw babysat my girls for a whole day while I spent it at hospital with my son.

And when the grandparents have turned up with groceries, coffee at the hospital & offered to babysit it’s all been greatly appreciated.

I’ve had many moments of self doubt while the kids were all so sick. Especially the hours I sat with them in Emergency. You can’t help but wonder if you have been doing enough as their Mum to help them feel better. Then I also questioned if we actually needed the trip to hospital, were they sick enough? I did go up & back a couple of times plus a couple of doctor appointments. I had that niggle of worry & concern that I couldn’t ignore. I needed the reassurance that they were Ok & that I was on the right track of care I was giving at home.

I doubted & second guessed myself. But eventually they rounded that corner & began to improve. THAT was all I needed to feel at ease. Then to remind myself, we did the best we could in very tough circumstances. And the best had to be enough.

To my 3 little babes I’m a good Mum.

I am enough.

Sometimes we Mama's forget that. It's nice to remind ourselves once in a while.

Sick babes in the comfort of Mama's arms

Sami x

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