Last Saturday night it was my pleasure & absolute thrill to host a ladies night. The event was a celebration of women in business. An opportunity for us all to get together to support & empower each other. And that we did.

Over yummy food & cocktails we shared our stories. Who we are, our background, reasons for starting up our business & opened up a really good chat about self-care.

It was an honour to share my story with a room full of incredible women. I was so nervous my beautiful friend bought me a cosmo to calm my nerves & just before go time I drank the rest of hers (lol).

I must have been a nervous wreck as on my way to the mic. another friend stopped me & handed me a wine haha. Bless them.

I had 2 pages of notes to get through but in the end I just told my story & barely looked down at them. Nerves got the better at times where I stumbled or left bits out, but I suppose it's all here for anyone interested to know more. That's the beauty of this blog & my socials. I can happily share & when you reach out with questions or just to chat don't mind at all.

Once I had hogged the mic. for 9 minutes (hubby timed me) I handed it over to my lovely showcasing ladies who one by one introduced themselves & their business to the room.

I was completely captivated by them all and oh so inspired. I was standing there listening, absorbing amazing energy & feeling so proud of this group.

Tihana from Love & Luka Clothing spoke of her son who has autism, & of his struggles with the simple daily tasks such as dressing in clothes for the day. He has inspired her to take a leap of faith & design a sensory sensitive, organic clothing line. I loved hearing her story, feeling the passion when she spoke of her son & getting a small glimpse of life as an autism Mum.

Tihana’s story is just one example of the many inspiring moments we shared together on the night. To get to know a little more I invite you to find all of these boss babes (I’ll list at the end) on facebook & instagram.

Three lovely ladies stepped up for me to speak to our guests about the importance of self-care, especially for Mum's. We tend to focus all of our energy on our loved ones & forget about ourselves. I looked around as Anita Guerra (Fit For 2) Dr. Julia Bartrop (Eltham Health & Wellness) & Steph Phelan (Health & family wellness coach) spoke; & saw us all nodding in agreement, soaking it up & relating to every word spoken.

I was so glad we were all together, frocked up & enjoying a night off to mingle.

I had such an amazing night it didn't feel like work at all! I may have enjoyed myself a little too much & left my beautiful friend Jess alone to man my stall.

Jess is one of the many, many people who have supported me on this crazy journey of mine. The event was for you ladies who like Jess have shown me nothing but love & support. I’m so grateful I got this opportunity to give some of that support back to you.

After our inspirational talks I did eventually find my way to my stall. My guests were so keen to check it out it was so exciting for me to in a way ‘launch’ the store & really share it with a beautiful bunch.

I got to do what I love. Talk about the beautiful products I stock. How I use them personally & for my family. The story behind some items I stock such as the Octoprem plush softie & it was the night I could finally debut a new skincare product (stay tuned).

My daughter Savanah was at the event. I loved having her there & was so proud to share my night with her. I hope bringing her along to this event will help her to become an empowered little lady.

My husband was also there to help & support me.

He had been really unwell in hospital during the lead up to the event. Thankfully he mustered up just enough strength to be there for me.

In a way I feel like all that I do, anything I wish to achieve means so much more with him by my side. I don't think I could be doing any of what I do without him. His love & support is everything to me. I was so grateful to have him by my side. He turned up for me as he always does.

He reminded me at almost 10pm to draw the door prize (it had slipped my mind).

Lucky Dina, a very talented Osteopath was the winner of the door prize hamper put together by all of our showcasing stalls, valued at over $500. Congratulations Dina!

At the end of the event once we began to pack up I was thrilled to see our share table was full of business cards!

Thank you to all of the incredible women who turned up to support my very first event & make it a success.

In the week that followed the event my phone has been buzzing like crazy. I cannot tell you how many messages I’ve received asking WHEN IS THE NEXT EVENT?!

Well! Save the date guys Sunday December 1st 11:30am... details will be shared soon on instagram & facebook.

As promised I will list the details of all of the beautiful boss babes who in some way shape or form supported ladies night.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart thank you.

It's been amazing to share this event with you & to connect over socials or in person.

The post event feedback has been overwhelmingly positive & I've had requests to make it an annual event. I'm not committing to a yes at this stage BUT never say never ;)

Ok I'll shut up now & share that list.

You know how much I love it when you guys reach out & share photos so please do! Via my socials or email

Chat soon,

Sami xo

The Showcasing Ladies! Head over to our socials for more event pics.


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