The beginning of Essential Mama Sami

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In case you are wondering how this little store came about I shall fill you in...

In 2018 my daughter was struggling with her friendship group at kinder & feeling a little lost.

I was pregnant at the time so I was in & out of hospital with my condition ‘Irritable Uterus’

Feeling generally unsettled at home & at kinder left her with anxiety. I saw my baby struggling & was on a mission to help her.

My first stop was our paediatrician who was at her birth, so has known us all for years. He set me on the right track & I hit the ground running, determined to help her through this. I got Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles & friends all on board for extra support.

The best thing I could offer my girl was myself. My time to talk, my time to listen, my time to cuddle & my support.

Something else that helped was yoga. If not the actual pracise itself, just the breathing. They’d do some yoga at kinder, I’d encourage the breathing at home & if ever the kids are a bit ratty I put Kids Yoga on youtube & it really helps them to settle down.

A few months go by & Savanah seems content. We welcome our baby girl Stevie into the world! 12 weeks later I have the Hysterectomy & recover well.

3 months on I’m struck down with illness. I seek out doctors, neurologists, tests, medications the works! But am not getting the relief I need. I can’t be the Mum I want to feeling like this. Inspired by my kids I turn to Essential Oils. This is the beginning of Essential Mama Sami.

I will never claim that the oils cured me as I still battle my symptoms today. Nor that they are solely what helped me improve, as I consciously try to be active at some point throughout the day. If I don’t get to hop on to my cross trainer at home I’ll squeeze in a walk while I’m out & about doing a kiddy drop off or pick up.

But I began to incorporate Essential Oils into my daily routine & my kids. It helped us so much. I was so happy with the changes that I began to share the oils with everyone & anyone who would listen!

I suddenly found myself with daily messages asking about Essential Oils or other related products.

With each of my own personal orders I was buying & shipping in for those around me.

Inspiration struck so I went for it & took the leap. Sitting in front of this very keyboard I reached out to brand owners & shared my vision. A one stop Mummy Shop full of family friendly products. Essentials. Each one hand selected & recommended by a Mum. Anyone I contacted was thrilled to jump on board & welcome me as a stockist.

So it is with great pride & a sense of accomplishment that I can now launch Essential Mama Sami. My online store full of my family essentials that I can honestly say we use on ourselves, on my 3 babes, in our home/cars & wear the jewellery each & every day.

I hope you love & enjoy the products just as much as I do! I love to hear from you guys so please reach out at any time on my socials or send an email to

Thanks for reading! Thanks for your support! Ok, thanks. Bye

Sami x

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