This is me & I am a complete ratbag!

Hi guys,

Thanks for visiting. I may as well do the intro here.. I'm Sami. Mama to 3 beautiful babes & I try to be a half decent wife to my loving husband Manny.

I find myself here blogging, sharing & selling things I love & have found helpful.

2018 was a hell of a year for my body & Mama being so unwell took its toll on my family. I was in & out of hospital during my pregnancy. When bubs arrived safely it was a c-section delivery, so recovery with a 3 & 5 year old was challenging to say the least. I was oh so lucky to have the love & support of my husband who stood by my side & picked up all the slack I couldn't. My Mum was helping us every day & I also had an amazing tight network of family & friends to lean on (sook to). So behind me during recovery I always had my crew of support people.

A short 12 weeks later, after agonizing over what I knew was inevitable & with my family backing me up I had surgery. I had a partial hysterectomy, done through my c-section scar.

Recovery began all over again. This time I felt 100 times worse & everything was much harder than I had expected.

But again I had support. I had help, love & friendships. And I took time. Time to heal & enjoy my last baby.

And I did heal. It took a good 12 weeks to even almost feel normal again, but eventually I did. I settled in as a now Mama of 3 & I felt happy & confident in this new role.

Just as I was feeling like myself again & coping well with my now 3 babes I had the rug pulled from under me & was again unwell. In & out of hospital, I couldn't believe it.

I had what they call a complex migraine. The first episode was the scariest & on that occasion I had a ride in an ambulance up to hospital.

On that first hospital trip along with the usual migraine pain I had neuro symptoms. My left limbs were numb as well as my face, inside my mouth, even half of my tongue. A very scary day not understanding what was happening, running the standard course of tests til eventually an appointment was made with a Neuro some weeks later.

I had no idea what I would endure over the next few weeks, which then turned into months. (I will elaborate on the emotional toll it had on me & my family later on, when it's not so raw)

I lost count of how many migraine episodes I had, each time I'd be treated with IV medication in an Emergency department til I was stable enough to go home. I developed a strange neuro symptom where my right eyebrow & eyelid would droop. Quite a way down. The look of my face was concerning to those around me. I also suffered with terrible brain fog, confusion, slurred speach & symptoms had swapped over from the left side of my body to the right. The worse of those is a weakness in my right arm & hand. 4 months later & it's still a struggle.

After numerous tests the conclusion is that I now have Handl syndrome, basically meaning the neuro symptoms from my complex migraine have stuck around. As advised by my specialist I now take daily medication & am trying to exercise & be more active to help my right sided neuro symptoms.

Over time I have felt better, & things at home are as normal as can be in a tribe of 5. But it took time to get here (many down days, tears shed & tantrums thrown, all by me) & finding my Essential Oils again gave me a sense of peace.

I have loved sharing the oils with my husband & kids. And that is where Essential Mama Sami started.

Through my sharing I'v had people reach out to me. Messages over social media, kinder & school Mum's popping over to chat, cafe catch ups, friends & family reaching out, even coming over to raid my personal collection!

These days I'm forever ordering in Essential Oils, products or accesories for those I shared with.

So here I am. Taking the leap & putting Essential Oils & family friendly products here in the one place. Sharing what I love with who I love. Families. It's my begining & end. Family.

I'd love to keep sharing, Essential Oils, new products & more blog posts. I

promise to include more of my daggy, rat bag moments with you.

So that's me. Dorky, passionate Mama who loves to share & possibly over share.

I can't wait to follow you on your journey, wherever it may take you. & I hope you enjoy mine.

Sami xo

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