Between Us Journal

Between Us Journal

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Between Us Conversation Journal allows the opportunity for your child to write about their day and share it with you.

Sometimes our family lives become busy and finding the right time for meaningful communication with our kids can be difficult.

This Journal bridges the gap and opens the lines of communication. This nurtures the important skill in our children of expressing themselves effectively, allowing them to feel safe & acknowledged whilst still letting them guide the way for how they wish to communicate, giving them the following options at the bottom of their page to let you know:

  • “Let’s talk about it”
  • “I’m not ready to talk yet”
  • “Can we write about it?”

Your child has the opportunity to write about their day, their feelings and ask questions. There's a space for you to write back to them to allow for personal communication in what can sometimes be a busy family environment.

This journal is great for kids who may be having trouble at school, going through changes at home or kids who may be shy and need some encouragement with communicating.

This Journal has been designed and created with love and are professionally printed by a fellow small business here in Australia.

Made with 200gsm paper to ensure you receive a quality product, along with a coil bound spine to ensure you and your child find it easy to lay open your journal to write and colour in.

It also includes a clear protective cover and a custom Calico Bag to help protect the precious thoughts, feelings and conversations with your child.


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