Crystal Calming Stone

Crystal Calming Stone

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Calming Stones helps support self-soothing exercises.

Rubbing a calming stone can calm your nerves and relieve stress instantly.

The physical act of massaging the Stone is proven to provide therapeutic & psychological benefits that help soothe your nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, help you feel grounded and clear your mind so you can focus and think clearly.

When you begin rubbing the stone between your fingers, acupressure points are triggered, stimulating nerve endings that activate different parts of the brain. This creates a release of endorphins, which naturally calms the mind and activates more positive feelings.

According to the theory of acupressure, when you manually press specific points on your hands, you are activating corresponding energy meridian points on your body to stimulate the system to come into balance.

The thumb and pointer finger are responsible for reducing fear and worry, which is why our calming Stones are great little tools for Anxious Little Minds.

These lovely handmade Calming Stones are designed with a thumb indentation in the centre and are used to assist with anxiety, relaxation and concentration.

Calming Stones are a pocket sized tool to help with anxious feelings, allowing the practice of self soothing.


Please note you will receive 1x stone. Each stone is hand made from a non-toxic material, not intended or recommend for use in children under the age of 3 years.

Colours may vary slightly.

  • Crystal or Stone

    Select from Amethyst, Clear Quartz or Rose Quartz Crystal OR blue, pink, or multi coloured stone.